Ride Stats

Understand more about your cycling data

  • Native macOS, iOS and iPadOS
  • Sync between devices
  • Light and Dark mode
  • Heart rate zones
  • Power analysis
  • Elevation, Speed, Cadence
  • Location
RideStats.app header
RideStats.app header


We love cycling and want to get the most out of our rides so we’ve built RideStats.app for you to look at all the data that gets recorded.

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RideStats.app running on an iPadPro

RideStats Features

Interactive Maps

See the route that you cycled over


Know how fast you went on a particular part of the ride


Want to know the cadence you rode at throughout the ride? Yup, we display that when its recorded.


Look at the elevation profile from your ride.

Stats Breakdown

Want to know how many rides you did in a particular week, month or year? Yup, we show that data to you

Light & Dark mode

We support both light & dark modes in the macOS and iOS apps.

Sync between devices

Easily sync your rides between your mac and iPhone or iPad by enabling syncing.

Native app

We love apple products and spend the time to write native apps for macOS and iOS so that you can enjoy them.

...and so much more!

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